Dream life is life work

Mineke Foundation aims to support the social and economic development of Dabwe Town and (currently) approximately 10 surrounding communities in the Gardnersville district in Liberia.

In 1968 Dabwe Wiah and his Dutch wife Mineke Muilerman settled in an area about 15 km from the capital Monrovia to start an experimental farm. Their dream was to help Liberia become independent of food imports through the introduction of modern agricultural methods and education. Around their home, the area grew into a thriving community with a primary school, infrastructure (roads, bridges, power), and fertile agricultural projects. In due time it was named Dabwe Town. The Liberian civil war of 90s brutally ended the period of prosperity for Dabwe Town. the family was forced to flee, and Mineke went missing. Dabwe Town was left badly damaged.

Tonia Dabwe started Mineke Foundation in the Netherlands in 2009 to continue the life work of her parents. Mineke Foundation offers projects that are open to the approximately 20,000 inhabitants in the area that enable them to learn and to improve their living conditions. There is a particular focus on women and girls. Education and entrepreneurship are key.

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